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-====== **DRAGMIRE OUTED** ====== 
-Apparently believing that no one else watched the Mega64 podcast, Dragmire called into the show a ridiculous amount of times through a Skype call in his very refined and classy kitchen nook. During an incredible [[SynchTube]] battle, the big guns came out and these episodes were revealed much to the chagrin of Dragmire and much to the grin of everyone else. 
-Fine documentaries can be viewed below:\\ 
-//- http://​​watch?​v=yzkZGR4gfc0 \\ 
-- http://​​watch?​v=0F9vvHwZuDg \\ 
-- http://​​watch?​v=MEq3GLu_ZhE \\ 
-- http://​​watch?​v=PmmmCgvzkl0 \\// 
-Just look for this face: {{:​dragmire.png?​200|}} 
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