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 +===== Mega Man 8-bit Deathmatch ======
 +The coolest mod for Zandronum, an online multiplayer source port of Doom which is like Skulltag but newer and different. It's about Mega Man.
 +===== How to Play ======
 +  - Download the latest version of **Mega Man 8-bit Deathmatch** from [[|Cutstuff]] (Current latest: v3a)
 +  - Extract the contents of the zip into a separate folder
 +  - Run MM8BDM.exe
 +  - Click Start
 +  - And walk inside the  Grizzlebees
 +===== Connecting to Servers ======
 +  - If you know the IP Address of the server, use the connect tab of the MM8BDM launcher
 +  - If you're looking for servers, use [[|Doomseeker]]
 +  - Some servers require additional wads for special game modes; find wads on the [[|Cutstuff Forums]]
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