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The Power Battle

An AIM conversation between Zekewars and Press Start took place on January 2009 discussing the distribution of power in the U.

Zekewar: i miss grawl
Zekewar: it had the zeketower
Zekewar: it was fun
thisispressstart: yea : (
thisispressstart: we should play that again too!
Zekewar: yep
Zekewar: we should say so on the u
Zekewar: with you and me working to gether thats about 90% of the U's power talking
Zekewar: i bring in 70% and you bring 20%
Zekewar: and if we get mugen we are at 92%

This conversation was posted in a topic by Press Start1), and only accounted for 92% of the U's power. Fortunately, Zekewars posted in the topic and added:

 Grawl was very fun. also to that quote about the power Of the u people I stick with 
that power chart I got 70% Start has 20% and mugen has 2% the rest goes to nightwing.

According to Zekewars' words, this put the distribution of power at:

Member Name Power
Zekewars 70%
Press Start 20%
Nightwing 8%
multitapmugen 2%

Despite this clear cut explanation, some doubted Zekewars claims. But any who doubt Zekewars are wrong.

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