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Total Records

This is the first table with the ranges needed for certain star counts. This is the first page you see when going to the records page.
My current progress on each will be highlighted in Red

Total Counts

Record☆☆☆☆★☆☆☆★★☆☆★★★☆★★★★Big ★Shiny ★My Total
Total Playtime0-2 hours8 to 14 hours16 to 27 hours35 to 63 hours76 to 99 hours100 to 199 hours200+ hours195
Songs Played0 to 29 times30 to 64 times93 to 199 times200 to 449 times450 to 699 times700 to 877 times1031+ times1821
Enemies Defeated15 Enemies87 to 135 Enemies240 to 394 Enemies401 to 899 Enemies900 to 1,499 Enemies1,500 to 2,657 Enemies3,176+ Enemies5230
Distance Traveled0 to 180662 Meters18,0663 to 1,616,731 Meters161,732 to 4,870,263 Meters5,482,813 to 8,764,158 Meters14,705,936 to 1,999,999 Meters20,000,000 to 24,999,999 Meters25,000,000+ Meters58,697,320
Chained Triggers0 to 2,999 Chained3,000 to 5,697 Chained8,226 to 18,635 Chained27,772 to 33,549 Chained57,512 to 69,999 Chained70,000 to 99,999 Chained100,000+ Chained305,889
Critical Triggers0 to 4,449 Chained4,500 to 9,626 Chained17,280 to 23,630 Chained39,507 to 43,617 Chained67,525 to 99,999 Chained100,000 to 148,268 Chained216,240+ Chained319,620
ProfiCards Received0 to 3 Received10 to 23 Received31 to 74 Received75 to 101 Received150 to 299 Received300 to 499 Received500+ Received258
Streetpasses0 to 1 Times3 Times5 to 17 Times20 to 49 Times50 to 99 Times100 to 149 Times150+ Times408

I will follow up with other posts such as Music Select, Quest Medley, Versus Battle, etc…
I will upgrade my totals every month.

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