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Energy: 20 Units
Jump Power: 39.0
Weapon: Rolling Cutter

Period Blood Enthusiast #1

Cutman is a Scottish robot master that hails from Eagleland where he is renowned as a culinary expert and occasional purveyor of fine video game treats, usually made from sugar cookies or cinnamon marshmallow brownies. According to legend his true face cannot be seen except through a sulfur block in Minecraft.


Cutman's real name is Michelob, named after a starter tier American beer, here here! While not particularly known for its flavor, the affordability, availability and general camaraderie brought about by drinking Cutman is believed to lengthen one's life (IRL), and kill one's brain cells (in Minecraft).

Here's a clip of Cutman singing one of his most famous songs

Can't remember their face? Just think:
Looks like:
Jack Black
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