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Multitap Extra Life 2016


  • Saturday, November 5th 12:00A CT - November 6th 12:00A CT



  • We'll be streaming a variety of retro games for 24 hours straight!
  • All Extra Life contributions are matched with jiggies!
  • Feel free to request a game to play with your donation message and we'll do our best to make it happen!
  • There will also be fun giveaways and other special events as we reach milestones towards our Extra Life donation goal!
  • If you have any additional suggestions for games you'd like to see, please feel free to submit them here:


Donation Milestones

If we reach certain milestones on the way to our goal ($500), we'll unlock certain events!

  • $150: Mystery Giveaway #1
  • $300: Mystery Giveaway #2
  • $500: Mystery Giveaway #3 (this will also mean we've met our goal for 2016)
  • $1000: MultitapMugen plays Undertale
  • $1998: We immediately stop Undertale and play KOF98 for the remainder of the stream

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