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Multitap Extra Life 2022

We’re back for another day of gaming and miracle-making #FuddaKids!

Starting from 8 PM CT on Saturday, November 5th, join us as we stream for 25 hours, working to raise money for our local children’s hospitals.

You can learn more about the cause and donate at

Total Raised





Saturday, November 5th, 2022
8 PMJackbox Games/Gartic Phone/What the Dub
10 PMKayla Plays Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy
Sunday, November 6th, 2022
12 AMMega Man Level Music Tournament
1 AMStart Plays Super Mario Bros.: Chaos Edition
3 AMMugen Plays Hypnospace Outlaw
5 AMDragon Quest X
7 AMNintendo Switch Online
10 AMMugen's Fun Hours
1 PMSpectator Gambling (featuring Capcom vs. SNK 2, JoJo All Star Battle R, and Fire Pro)
4 PMMuggly Wumpus Quiz Game + Bingo
5 PMMultitap Livewire
6 PMSonic 2006
8 PMMultitap Goes to Sleep


Prize raffles will occur at donation milestones, and winners will be able to select one of the following:

Prize Packages
A virtual pet bundle, including a Tamagotchi and a Digimon!
Mega Man 11 keychains!
Pokémon Celebrations Tin!

Prize Winners

  1. TurbulentEddie: Sword Kirby
  2. CurdleGames: Blue Kirby Plush
  3. IkariAllen: Blind bag bundle
  4. SparkyNoneMalarky - Hypnospace Outlaw
  5. MotleyGob - Multitap shirt
  6. MrPhuui

Extra Life 2022 Notes

  • Kayla gets an emote because she won FIRE PRO (done)
  • GameDevPals shirt
  • Wi-fi Warrior shirt
  • Yoshi's Island game over sound for the soundboard
  • Jazz does something (done)
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