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Multitap Extra Life 2023

We’re back for another day of gaming and miracle-making #FuddaKids!

Starting from 8 PM CT on Friday, November 3rd, join us as we stream for 24 hours, working to raise money for our local children’s hospitals.

You can learn more about the cause and donate at

Total Raised

$3,797.87 Raised FUDDA KIDS




Friday, November 3rd, 2023
8 PMJackbox Quiz Games - Trivia Murder Party 2, Time Jinx, Fibbage 4
9 PMJackbox Drawing Games - Tee K.O. 2, Drawful 2, Champ'd Up
10 PMJackbox Writing Games- Joke Boat, Quiplash 3, Fixy Text
11 PMInteractive Games - Gartic Phone, City Guesser
Saturday, November 4th, 2023
12 AMFighterdome
2 AM20XX (Viewer's Choice Steam Game Winner) + Mega Man Arena
5 AMNintendo Switch Online
10 AMPuzzledome
12 PMFirepro Wrestling
2 PMQuiz Time: Mugen vs. Kayla
3 PMMultitap Livewire
4 PMEverybody 1-2 Switch
5 PMChip Challenge
5:30 PMMuggly Wumpus Quiz Game
6 PMRetro Requests
8 PMMultitap Goes to Sleep… unless…


Prize raffles will occur at donation milestones, and winners will be able to select one of the following:

Prize Winners

  • MrPhuui (Grelzar shirt)
  • TurbulentEddie (Multitap shirt)
  • Sparky (Oxenfree 2)
  • drfresh113 (Chants of Sennaar for Switch)
  • sadistic_pillow (Jackbox shirt)
  • addark (Risk of Rain Returns, TYPECAST, and $2.22 contributed #FuddaKids)

Extra Life 2023 Notes

  • All bits cheered and sub revenue during the Extra Life 2023 stream will be matched with a donation from Multitap at the end of the stream.
  • Useful commands for the stream chat:
    • !extralife - Link to the Extra Life donation page
    • !raised - Display the total raised
    • !elwiki - Link to this page
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