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freem is best described as “angry man on the run”, according to his Fire Pro character's profile. Spends a large amount of time coming up with dumb projects he's never going to complete due to the intense effort required. Spends less amount of time (but greater than 0) actually making cool things.

Things freem Did

freem did a lot of things, but only some of them matter to THE U™, so here you go:

  • custom Fire Pro Returns ring mat for the 2016 Extra Life stream
  • Fire Pro Returns Wrestler Tool, Fire Pro World Save Tool
  • Stream info export mod for Fire Pro World

Things freem Needs to Finish

so bug him about these all the time!!!

  • Multitap Fire Pro Monday intro video
  • that vs. fighting megaman fangame
  • Multitap Horse Racing
  • the Multitap Fire Pro roster page (even though the Fire Pro World Multitap roster is constantly in flux so I should just let someone with upload access to deal with it.)
  • the new version of the multitap stream list (somewhat superseded by NowLive bot in Discord chat, but possibly useful for anyone not in Discord)
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I don't know my own face either so what chance do you have
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