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Brothers: Phuui
Power: Stretchy Arms, 3DS Max, Flash, Photoshop
Learning: ZBrush
Hat: Old Man
Mustache: None, Currently

Oddjob came around to The U fairly recently compared to everyone else; around the time when Megaman 8-Bit Deathmatch was being beta-tested heavily by the U members.
Despite being a late addition, he lurked the U over Phuui's shoulder a handful of months prior to actually signing up, out of not really having anything to talk about until then.

The BR stands for Barney Rubble, after it was noted by his former co-workers that's how he laughed like.
It was a huge oversight that it also stood for the infamous “Brazilian” tagline that plagued him many an online game. He's been trying to rid himself of the alias since.

Can't remember their face? Just think:
Looks like:
Master Chen
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