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Synchtube is your one stop shop for all hilarious idiotic web videos, displayed in a sometimes hours long fashion that usually degrades into:

- Looney Tunes cartoons

- Bad commercials

- Videos of people injuring themselves

- Dragmire on Mega64

- Ultra long video game retrospectives

- Spooky stories

Youtube Search Teeps:

- search for your favorite show or movie then add “spoof”

- type the name of an everyday task, then add “accident”

- look at censored and altered cartoon clips, Youtube Poop, etc

- think of a random nationality and add “need”, to make sure it is funny forward it to a U member of said nationality

- refrain from using content that could be considered “refined” or “cultured,” we've no need for that here.

Quick links for guaranteed Synchtube cheers and jeers:

Here's the U Krusty Brand Imitation Synchtube:

Synchtube Passive Aggressive Videos

Sometimes you just really have to let people know how you feel about their video. Suggestions:

  • “Quick, change the channel!” - Street Fighter
  • “Why are you making me watch this?” - Street Fighter
  • “What a screw up…” - Street Fighter
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