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U Holidays

  • August 9th - Burton Gilliam Day
  • November ?th - Fragsgiving
  • November 14th - I have no idea but there's a banner with fireworks right now about it so hey (I think it was when Joey resigned as MFGG Mod - Dragmire)
  • December ?th - Killsmas

U Birthdays

Please follow standard operating procedure when dealing with U Birthdays:

  1. Goto the bottom of the U forums
  2. Check if there are any active birthdays
  3. If there is an active birthday or birthdays, goto the VIF
  4. Check if there is a topic of the current year for the birthday boy(s) and/or girl
  5. If there is not a topic of the current year, create one (Suggestions for topic content: perhaps a “Happy Birthday” message, or a celebratory picture)
  6. If there is already a topic, crisis averted
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