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U Lexicon

This is your “How to U” page for all the in-jokes and terminology you missed out on while you were away from your computer for 5 minutes.

Stuff PDK might stand for:

  • Probably Denotes Koolaid
  • Practical Dick Killer
  • Parakarry Detests Kinda
  • Phoenix Dwight Kumo
  • Pattymelt Delicious Kwazy
  • Philly Delight Kmart
  • Phunkyan Donkey Kong

Wayne's World Jokes for Kids:

  • A rear rump says what?
  • I'll take the ketchup and fries of a young man
  • Mountain Dew, Pepsi Cola, no racist accent
  • I like the Sugar Pucks, they're excellent
  • Yeah it's Dutch Chocolate action, delicious
  • Game on!!
  • Actually my good man I'm feeling rambunctious, I think I'll ask my mommy to buy it, do you accept gift cards?

Acronyms (for Acrony):

  • nwtc - Not Willing to Check
  • nwtd - Not Willing to Do
  • dnf - Duke Nukem Forever
  • wad - What A Dub

Other stuff people say:

  • Get buried jobber - This is what happens when you run into Triple H
  • AVG - Awesome Video Games, like… let's play some Awesome Video Games awrightttt

Great Stream Moments

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