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U Spells

All the incantations, curses, hexes, and mutterings fit to utter.

Helpful Spells

  • - Summons a fine game of Movie Battles II
  • Open - moves simple doors, rocks, and chests to open
  • EPOR - It makes a damn rope go erect like Bill Clinton when he hears the NAVGTR music
  • Calm - Usually performed when things get too heated during Western Quake
  • Luminaire - P Good for Lavos

Offensive Spells

  • Gem Missile - Shoots crystal shards into the enemy with the power of David the Gnome
  • Anssehc Elgnuj - Hate it
  • Allen is a cookie - “Banish” variant that will make Allen disappear
  • IDetect Magic - Necessary when strangers enter a game of SEALs
  • The Mark of Bobbidi - Sell your soul to Satan to get an M on your forehead
  • ZAMDIN! - It's my grandpa's name
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