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Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Five Pendants

Mario helping Steve with his high score.
Developer: Dragmire
Genre: Not RPG
Released: 2012

This game is anything BUT an RPG.
Remake of a hilariously bad 2003 fangame (Hey, I was 12 then).
Mario's life is interrupted by a meteor from space, a corrupt sheriff, and visitors from another world. All this nonsense is linked to strange pendants.

Amazing Art from the 2003 version.

Luigi visits Mexico. Probably talking to FuPoo there.

Mario gets the cold shoulder from the U's elite.
Developer: Dragmire
Genre: Half-Assed RPG
Released: 2012

A Secret Chapter to the aforementioned SMRPG LotFP, accessible at the end, only if the player follows instructions from earlier, received upon finishing ZekeWars3 in the Mushroom Kingdom's Arcade. Mario is teleported to ZekeWar-Ravaged MFGG, where he is enlisted by MechaChao to infiltrate the Underground and defeat ZekeWars.
This chapter is very short, except for the final battle. The game takes no more than 5 minutes to get to the final boss.

Mario gives Hanyou a PSA

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