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Power: 200
Defense: Also 200
Mutant Power: Adamantium Claws

A king in his own right. He rules the roost like none other.

Zekewars: hey start i would love to chat more but im about to go play ailens or dead space with some pals so i got to rape this up

Zekewars: you want to hear my plan for math class tommorow

Zekewars: to use the pc we have to use to do work to watch random stuff on youtube for the whole class

Zekewars: while wearing my math is the worst shirt

PressSelect: ZEKE

Zekewars: what

PressSelect: don't do it zeke!

Zekewars: its to late i already got the shirt out

Zeke Lore

Can't remember their face? Just think:
Looks like:
Jeff Cohen (Chunk)
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