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Where to Watch

Multitap Schedule

Tuesday @ 8 PM-11:30 PM Central (watch out for the dreaded OVERRUN)

Extra Life

An annual Multitap tradition featuring 24 hours of streaming to raise money for Children's Medical Center in Dallas (with $14,150.46 raised since 2021).

Multitap Art Requests

Jackbox Archive


Multitap Games


The famous Multitap Soundboard made its appearance in 2018 and has become a staple ever since.

Fire Pro Monday

We (sometimes) fight on Monday nights! Gamble your jiggies away on wrestling matches in Fire Pro Wrestling World for the PC!

freem made a database of our Fire Pro Roster, you can find that here:

Multitap Championship

The most coveted belt in Multitap Fire Pro Wrestling. Title shots are typically determined by the champion, but battle royales and tournaments are often held to determine the no. 1 contender. However, with enough jiggies, a “Jiggy in the Bank” contract can be redeemed for a title shot at any time!

Current Champion


Title History

Multitap Tag Team Championship

Many great duos have competed for this prestigious belt. Teamwork rocks!

Current Champions

Dragmire and Commish (IREs)

Title History

Video Archives

Mario Maker Monthly WR Challenges

Record History

Fun with the Pre-Show

The Multitap pre-show includes various fun distractions while you wait for the show to begin.

  • Mopoken - The Counting Game: Count various critters/objects as requested by the game. (Any similarities to any other game are completely coincidental.)
  • Multi-Quiz: Will you be able to buy a SNES Classic? A. No, B. No, C. No, D. No
  • Follow That Tapper: Someone is shoved under one of three Met helmets and you have to find them.
  • Name That Pixel: A sprite is covered up by boxes. Guess it before it's revealed!
  • Pikablu Pachinko: Kayla is thrown into a box, bounces off of pegs, and eventually lands in one of the slots at the bottom. (No real Kaylas are hurt during this game)

The Retired Wall of Fame

Retired on 07/28/2015, the Wall of Fame recorded the trivia wins of viewers (now replaced by jiggies and the StreamElements leaderboard).

CloakBass (16 time winner)
Rocketnia (11 time winner)
The_breakman/JazzmanZ (7 time winner)
Bungalo (5 time winner)
NuclearMime (4 time winner)
ProsecutorProtoman (3 time winner)
Dragmire (3 time winner)
MrPhuui (3 time winner)
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